Give a Child Hope, Love, and Comfort.

Hope.  When a child comes to UMFS, they are in desperate need of love, comfort and most importantly hope. A child could be recovering from emotional or physical abuse or she could be struggling in school because of a learning disability.  Whatever the case, UMFS is here to help these children recover, find hope and live a better life. Lives turned right side up are our specialty. We need your help.

Our foster families come in all shapes and sizes--two-parent households, single parents, first-time parents, empty nesters, retirees, military families, etc.  UMFS will host an information session on Wednesday, December 18th at 6:30pm at our office in Alexandria (5400 Shawnee Road, Suite 101, Alexandria, VA 22312); please join us and learn how you can give a child hope, not just during the holidays, but forever.

 If you feel called to care for children who have lived through difficult experiences, call today at 703-941-9008 or visit http://www.umfs.org/foster-careadoption .


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