Your smile, confidence and self-control draw others to you!

Okinawan Karate of Alexandria Senior Students at park.
Okinawan Karate of Alexandria Senior Students at park.
Imagine how your natural smile and relaxed self-confidence and control will  magnetically draw others to you.  Friends and family will enjoy spending more time with you and mention how you've somehow changed, or transformed yourself.  As you smile to yourself you will think back to the day you started learning the Art of Self Defense and realize how your life changed so positively and you are thankful you overcame your initial concerns and started your Free Trial Class.

Members learn self-control from the natural, easy-to-learn body movements Okinawan Karate Masters teach their countrymen.  Our members report the benefits from our adult focused self-defense karate practice include reduced stress, getting into better shape, weight loss, more flexibility, control and self confidence, plus dramatically boosted family protection skills.  We cooperate to ensure we all learn and improve together.  The smiles develop naturally.

This works great for bullied children to build confidence and self-esteem as well as preventing domestic violence.

Join us now for a Free Trial Beginner's Class on Monday or Thursday at 7:00 pm or Saturday at 9:30 am.  We practice in a gym so we have plenty of room for you.
Christian Center School, 5411 Franconia Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310.  Rather than put this off again and again Try It!  You may stun yourself and realize you like it as much as we do.

Military and Family Discounts available!

Children's class: 3:45 pm Tuesday and Friday.



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