Grit, Communication Define Next Chapter at West Potomac High School

New principal setting his own path after school's tragic 2013 loss.
New principal setting his own path after school's tragic 2013 loss.
West Potomac High School is in a period of transition and the school is depending on Principal Alexander Case to set the tone. He's providing leadership and stability to an institution recovering from the devastating loss of West Potomac high school principal Cliff Hardison last summer.

Case has the pedigree with West Potomac dating back to his time as an educator teaching history and advanced placement government, and a stint as the school's assistant principal in 2010.

One thing Case is trying to improve is communication.  With a diverse student body and community of socioeconomic backgrounds and spoken languages, he concluded that streamlining the manner information is distributed throughout these areas was salient.

"One thing we're doing on Fridays is sending out a 'keep in touch newsletter,' to keep our community abreast of what's going on," said Case. "As a faculty we ensure that our website is updated with all the latest information for parents and students."

Under his stewardship, Case has implemented several initiatives to guarantee every parents voice is heard. 

The school routinely holds parent town hall meetings, coffee events serving as Q&A sessions for parents to address concerns, an advanced academics night to educate parents on the school's curriculum, and a financial aid night designed to inform parents on cost-effective ways to pay for their child's college education.

Case admits there is still work to be done, but he likes the direction West Potomac is going, and believes it's a testament to the hardwork and determination of his students and faculty.

"Grit is a characteristic that we try to embody in all we do at West Potomac," said Case. "What defines being a student at West Potomac is rallying from what challenges we have in life, and using it to shape our academic futures."


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