Landmark HOT Lanes Off-Ramp Protest Set for April 6

Community members say off-ramp under construction would bring traffic, pollution to Landmark area of Alexandria.

Community members protesting a Virginia Department of Transportation high-occupancy toll  lanes off-ramp from Interstate 395 in the Landmark community are holding a public rally against the ramp April 6.

The “Delay the Ramp” public rally will take place from 10 to 11 a.m., rain or shine, at the Stevenson Avenue cul-de-sac (at the end between Landmark Mews and Overlook). All residents living on both sides of I-395 between Edsall Road and Duke Street are invited. Children are welcome.

Concerned Residents of Landmark spokeswoman Mary Hasty said local residents can come out to “voice their concerns to the governor and the media about the pollution that will be a result of the ramp being built.” Hasty said she hopes several hundred people will attend.

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VDOT is beginning to drive the piles to support the ramp, she said.

VDOT is currently building 29 miles of HOT lanes extending from Stafford County to the Edsall Road area in Fairfax County, just south of Alexandria. Turkeycock Run, in the Landmark area, is the proposed end to the route.

Protesters say the off-ramp is a public health hazard that will bring toxic levels of pollution to residents of the Landmark community of Alexandria and Fairfax County. Hasty said the group wants to lef local and state officials know residents want the ramp construction delayed until VDOT conducts a local environmental and alternate site analysis and presents the results to the public.

The group holds that the off-ramp will affect the public health of more than 75,000 Alexandria and Fairfax County residents.

VDOT representatives maintain that an environmental assessment approved by the Federal Highway Administration in December 2011, found that nitrogen oxides, which contribute to the formation of ozone and fine particulate matter, were below what is federally permitted around the HOT lanes as a whole. Also, the project-level analysis found carbon monoxide and peak CO concentrations were below federally-mandated levels at certain points along the corridor.

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Concerned Residents of Landmark members hold that VDOT has failed to a lcoal analysis of the off-ramp itself. VDOT predicts that 900 vehicles per hour will use the ramp during morning peak time in 2018.

Residents with questions can call 703-823-6963 or email crol@cox.net. More information is available on the group’s website at www.delaytheramp.com. Parking is limited, and rally participants are asked to carpool or park in local parking lots and walk, if possible.

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Rob Rapanut April 06, 2013 at 01:00 PM
Alexandria City Councilwomen Del Pepper is scheduled to attend the rally.


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