McKay Discusses Host of Civic Topics with Greenspring Residents

Jeff McKay answers questions regarding the Springfield Town Center development, transportation and his political future.

Jeff McKay speaking to audience at Greenspring in Springfield. Photo courtesy of Daniel Miller-Patch Editor.

Jeff McKay met with residents of the Greenspring community to discuss the latest developments in the Franconia/Springfield area.  Talking points for his hour long address focused on the Springfield Town Center development, transportation projects and his political future.

The Springfield Town Center project is slated to open later this year and McKay talked extensively about the benefits for both the community and local economy.

"Springfield Mall is more than a pile of bricks for the area, but its a focal point of civic pride for residents," said McKay. "Economically, it will enhance property values and it keeps the sales tax here in Fairfax County local. More importantly, the new amenities will enhance the mall and transform it into an activity center for everyone, and not just a place to buy shoes."

Another topic that garnered attention from residents was the V-DOT project, a series of HOT lanes constructed along the I-395 highway.  McKay stated the construction has led to an inordinate amount of traffic on Edsall Rd, but concedes  the initiative will lead to long overdue road maintenance and pothole improvements.

At the conclusion of the gathering, McKay discussed his thoughts on the retirement of congressman Jim Moran, and if he had any desire to fill his position. 

"I was surprised as anyone that Jim (Moran) retired, I was also upset. He's been a champion for issues in Lee District and you celebrate the great work he's done for Fairfax County," said McKay. "I love the job that I have and it would take an awful lot to convince me I can better serve a community somewhere else. The position Jim vacated does present some opportunities to look at, but I'm pretty content with what I'm doing."


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