Congressional Candidates Discuss Local Issues in Forum

The Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce hosted a Meet the Candidates Forum Thursday.

Sequestration and business development were among the issues discussed Thursday at the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates" forum.

Candidate Patrick Murray, a Republican running in the 8th District race, incumbent Congressman Jim Moran (D-8th District), and Republican Chris Perkins, running in the 11th congressional District, attended the forum at the Mount Vernon Country Club. Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-11th District) did not attend the forum.

The gathering gave Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber members the opportunity to hear from the candidates before the election on Nov. 6. Top issues discussed included sequestration, small businesses, healthcare and the national debt.

Moran stressed the importance of investing in Southeast Fairfax County and fostering business development here.

"My priority is local issues, regional issues to improve the quality of life of residents," Moran said.

Perkins and Murray, both retired from Army colonels, voiced their opposition to sequestration. Sequestration was the result of last summer’s debt ceiling deal, which cut $1 trillion in government spending over the next decade outright and then put responsibility for finding another $1.2 trillion on Congress.

Perkins said sequestration is "decimating to our economy." 

"How Congress painted itself into a corner with this is unconscionable," Murray told Chamber members.

Each candidate voiced their support of small businesses. "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy," Murray said.


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