Legal Route Cleared for Kingstowne Wegmans, But When Will It Open?

Wegmans was initially blocked by stormwater management lawsuit

The legal path is clear for the Kingstowne Wegmans, but the supermarket company doesn't know when the location will open.

Construction of the Hilltop Village shopping center at Beulah and Telegraph, where the Wegmans will be built, was held up by a lawsuit until recently.  Glenn S. Ovrevik, who lives near the proposed site, filed the lawsuit over a proposed stormwater pond that was part of the Hilltop Village plan.

Ovrevik's lawsuit headed to the Virginia Supreme Court, before having an appeal rejected last month, as first reported in the Washington Business Journal.

Although Ovrevik has the option to request that the Virginia Supreme Court to reconsider his appeal, his attorney, Zachary Williams, told Patch that Ovrevik won't.

While the lawsuit is over, however, Wegmans said it does not know when the store will open. A Wegmans spokeswoman told Patch last week that the company is in discussions with the site's developer, C & E Real Estate Services. 

In April, Hilltop Village's site plan .

JW September 29, 2011 at 07:02 PM
Thanks for this update. Every time I drive by the "coming soon" sign that's been up for a couple of years now, I've wondered what was up. I thought maybe Wegman's had figured out that we had way too many grocery stores already (which we do!) and had changed their mind. Is Kingstowne unusual for our high density of grocery stores, or is that the norm in NoVa? Target, Walmart, 2 Giants, Shoppers, Safeway (2 if you include Rose Hill), and now Wegman's - lots of groceries around here!
RJ September 30, 2011 at 12:31 PM
But Wegman's is a different animal. Giant and Safeway cannot compete with Wegmans. And Target and Walmart have different customers. Once Wegmans opens it will be the top dog in the area. Also, Wegman's reach is much further; they will draw customers from Alex City, Rt1 area, Burke, Lorton and maybe even Arlington. People will drive further and take more time to get to a Wegmans.
Bob Bazzle September 30, 2011 at 12:46 PM
Wegman's answers the question "how good can a grocery store be". I feel that Giant and Safeway will feel the pain as they should because people will go out of their way to shop at a store that truly knows the meaning of "Customer Service". I LOVE Wegman's and cannot wait to get rid of my Giant and Safeway so called bonus cards just so they can offer me the prices that they should have anyway.
Sally Spangler April 03, 2012 at 02:43 PM
I would hardly think of Walmart, Target, etc. to be anything but the big box questionable quality stores that they are. Giant is slipping in quality and the price? I now go to Wegman when I want a better quality and certainly the best fish purveyor in this area. Wegman has what no other grocerys have. Retail food to eat on the spot or take home. A nice cross section of western and eastern cooking. Their bakery? Where else can you buy fresh rolls of various kinds? Who else will cut to your specifications? If any of you have not seen the oyster bar or the pizza counter, sold either by slice or the whole pie. There is a made to order sandwich counter. A cheese counter and olive bar. Both are well stocked in many types of cheese. All of these counters, bars, sit down eatery places, you need at least to see what is coming as soon as the legal problems are taken care of. Oh yes, they have a pharmacy and the usual non-perscription drugs, linaments and vitamins. Oh yes, I forgot - candy by the handful, weigh out yourself and take home Easter candy and other holiday candies, in season. On the other end of "things" - there are knowledgeable people in the wine/beer section. Not to be left out - milk, eggs, a large fresh vegetable section. I could buy the 2 carrots to use right away and a handful of green beans, snow peas ditto.


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