Giving Pooches What They Want at Dogtopia of Springfield

Life's not so ruff when you can hang out with friends all day.

Ever been greeted by an over-energized pooch as you stagger through the front door after a rough day at the office? For $33 a day, you can drop off your four-legged pal at Dogtopia, Springfield's newest dog spa. The 7,400 square foot facility at 7401 Fullerton Road has three large playrooms with rubber floors, plush mattresses for sleeping and a spa with grooming services.

"We have cameras in the play rooms, so you can see your dog playing all day," said Amber Sutton, who also owns a Dogtopia franchise in Woodbridge. "We don't tack on prices for this or that. Our flat rate is $33 for a single visit, and that includes giving your dog medication, giving them belly rubs and TLC. We love spoiling your dogs."

Dogtopia requires a quick evaluation of new clients, and that means letting them interact with other boarders. Guests also need to be properly vaccinated and neutured. Once cleared, they get to play in one of three playrooms to their hearts content.

There are up to 70 dogs a day that visit the Woodbridge location, which opened four years ago. It costs $53 a night to board your dog at Dogtopia, and discounts are given for multiple dogs from the same family.   

"We don't take aggressive dogs, but we don't discriminate with breeds," said Sutton. "We'll take anyone who's sociable and nice."

Michele Norris November 15, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Dogs are social creatures. Often they are adopted with good intentions and left for days on end while their master best friend flies out the door leaving them home alone. Dogs love to be in the middle of a happy gathering. Their day is complete with activity, love, and something to wag about. This doggie day spa is a way to show you love your pet when you can't be with him. With success, be blessed! http://michelenorris.hubpages.com/hub/pet-grooming-scissors


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