TopGolf, Presbyterian Church Discuss Flying Golf Balls

TopGolf and Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church are still trying to resolve the nuisance issue — flying golf balls — between the two properties.

TopGolf and Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church are currently hashing out their "nuisance issue" between the two properties.

After dealing with multiple golf balls being hit onto the church property, the church made a formal complaint when a youth pastor was hit in the head last year. Church members had previously reported that car windows were also smashed because of this issue.

"There have been meetings to bring it to closure. There's been positive progress in the past two weeks," said TopGolf Assistant General Manager Scott Herbst, who didn't attend meetings but was briefed on the progress of the complaint. "There are three alternatives and I think a decision was made."

Herbst said he is not able to discuss what the three alternative options are or what the final decision will be to solve the nuisance issue between the two properties.

Phone calls from Patch to Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church were not returned.

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