Your FREE Karate Uniform!

Do YOU belong in this picture!
Do YOU belong in this picture!
Receive your FREE Karate Uniform when you take three self-defense karate classes for $39.00.  If you are concerned about bullies, getting into shape for the summer beach season, have concerns about walking in the parking lot at night, or just want to discover the proven effective, easy to learn, authentic, traditional Okinawan self-defense Karate, then this is for you!

We guarantee no hard sell or arm twisting after your three classes.  We only want you if you are convinced you want to continue training with us.  We have a great family atmosphere and want to preserve that.  So we want no members who don't want to be in class, yet feel obliged because they signed a contract.  So we don't have contracts!  You only pay a low monthly fee.

Our instructor has over 35 years experience instructing U.S. Embassy Security Personnel, U.S. Marine Security Guards, foreign security operatives, and people just like you.  You learn only stuff that works for self-defense situations.

You can find more information here:
or call: 703-310-9596

Your One-hour Adult classes:
7:00 pm Monday and Thursday, and
9:30 am Saturday.
7:00 pm Tuesday (for Black and Brown Belts)

We also teach karate classes at George Mason University.


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