Warner Reaches Across Aisle for Endorsements

Also, GOP opponent Ed Gillespie agrees Monday to Danville Register & Bee debate with Warner.

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D) is running for re-election. Official U.S. Senate photo
U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D) is running for re-election. Official U.S. Senate photo

Sen. Mark Warner’s re-election campaign on Monday announced 16 former Virginia Republican elected officials who have endorsed Warner for his 2014 re-election bid, according to a news release from the campaign.

This follows former U.S. Sen. John Warner's endorsement in January. The campaign points out that these GOP-elected officials have collectively served the Commonwealth for 312 years and for many, this is their first time endorsing a Democrat for statewide office. 

“Since no one party has a monopoly on good ideas, I have made it my priority to work across party lines to get real reforms accomplished for Virginians,” said Warner, in the release. “We must work together so that we can get our fiscal house in order, provide an affordable quality education and ensure that all Virginians have their fair shot at success.”

The Republicans announcing support for Senator Warner are:

  • John Warner – Former Republican U.S. Senator; Served 30 Years in the U.S. Senate; Alexandria.
  • Vince Callahan – Longest-serving Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates; House Appropriations Committee Chairman; Served 40 Years in the House; McLean.
  • Katherine Waddell – Former Independent Delegate; Served 2 Years in the House; Richmond.
  • Brandon Bell – Former Republican State Senator; Served 8 Years in the Senate; Roanoke.
  • Bob Bloxom – Former Republican Delegate and the First Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry; Served 26 Years in the House; Mappsville.
  • Preston Bryant – Former Republican Delegate and Secretary of Natural Resources; Served 10 Years in the House; Lynchburg.
  • John Chichester – Former Republican State Senator; Senate Finance Committee Chairman; Served 40 Years in the Senate; Reedville.
  • Panny Rhodes – Former Republican Delegate; Served 10 Years in the House; Richmond.
  • Jim Dillard – Former Republican Delegate; House Education Committee Chairman and House Appropriations Natural Resources Subcommittee Chairman; Served 32 Years in the House; Fairfax.
  • Linwood Holton – Former Republican Governor; Served 4 Year Term; Richmond.
  • Clint Miller – Former Republican Delegate; Served 24 Years in the House; Woodstock.
  • Russ Potts – Former Republican State Senator; Senate Education and Health Committee Chairman; Served 16 Years in the Senate; Winchester.
  • Fred Quayle – Former Republican State Senator; Senate Local Government Committee Chairman; Served 20 Years in the Senate; Suffolk.
  • Jack Rollison – Former Republican Delegate; House Transportation Committee Chairman; Served 18 Years in the House; Woodbridge.
  • Bob Tata – Former Republican Delegate, House Education Committee Chairman; Served 28 Years in the House; Virginia Beach.
  • Ed Robb – Former Republican State Senator and Sheriff; Served 4 Years in the Senate; Albemarle.

Warner is running against Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, who agreed on Monday to debate Warner.  

“I accept the Danville Register & Bee’s offer to hold a debate in the region, and hope Senator Warner will agree," he said in a news release. "My agenda would spur economic growth in the region while Mark Warner has been voting for higher taxes, more spending and more debt over the last five and a half years in the Senate.” Gillespie is a resident of the Mount Vernon area.

Rick Tocchet June 17, 2014 at 07:30 AM
Gold plated RINO's, all.
John Lovaas June 17, 2014 at 08:38 AM
Endorsing a renowned DINO!
BooBots June 17, 2014 at 12:33 PM
Too many abuses of power to leave Dems in majority of the Senate. The country is at a tipping point. This coming election in Nov. is pivital. Ed Gillespie is the guy for this one.
Hawa Coulibaly June 17, 2014 at 01:40 PM
You are right about abuse of power, but both parties are guilty...


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