fairfax county police and court systems

Why is it when the Police lie to you, it's ok? My Son has been the victim of the assinine legal system set in place which is in favor of the courts, illegal search and siezure (private property), trespassing without a warrant, false arrest, and its funny how these things get swept under the rug by the judge when the convienient time arises. UNFORTUNATELY, he is being held bond was denied, (first time offender) and treated like crap in the jail. Now please dont get me wrong ..my voice WILL be heard. Hell, OBAMA makes deals with the Taliban....hmmmm  yep, this Country has gone to you know what. They have taken a first time offender (which by the way did a stupid thing and hes aware of it) and shown him that they are the KINGS of this legal system. Now please, with all do respect "your honor" step down from the pedestal, look at the police arrest blogger online and tell me why he is being charged according to that site for something totally different than the cuffs were put on for. ALSO, explain why the Police are able to LIE to us  bold face lies. Or is that "legal" ??


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