You can learn to Stop Domestic Violence!

Free yourself from domestic violence!
Free yourself from domestic violence!
Learn to stop domestic violence now!  Don't wait to become a victim that everyone feels sorry for and wonders why you didn't get out of your situation.  You can learn the secret natural body movements of Okinawan Self-Defense Karate to protect you and your loved ones.  Classes held here in your Alexandria neighborhood. 

Children often taunt one another.  One of our members recently reported overhearing her daughter say to a boy who was teasing her, "my mom can beat up your dad!"  And she can.  You can easily learn how to protect yourself and your family, too!

Why wait for time to slip by and you suddenly discover you wish you knew this?  Become one of the exclusive few to learn these secrets and have fun learning, too!

Just interested in the two-hour course of "Fearless Woman" Self-Defense?  You will learn the simple secrets boiled down to that necessary to contain or hold off a much larger and aggressive person.  U.S. Embassy personnel, your neighbors, and others say they have never learned such eye-opening, natural, easy-to-use techniques.

Contact us now:  703-310-9596


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