Animal Control: Unrestricted Dogs in Rose Hill Charged Resident, Killed Cat

The resident shot one of the aggressive dogs, according to Fairfax County Animal Control.

Fairfax County Animal Control. (Patch file photo by James Cullum)
Fairfax County Animal Control. (Patch file photo by James Cullum)
Fairfax County Animal Control officers responded to a home in the 5400 block of Hopark Drive in the Rose Hill area Sunday after receiving reports of several aggressive dogs running loose in the neighborhood.

According to animal control, one of the dogs charged a resident who was armed and shot the dog. Two other dogs attacked and killed a cat in the neighborhood. Animal control officers impounded the two dogs that killed the cat and they were euthanized.

The wounded dog was taken by its owner to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. Richard Crespo Zapata, 35, was charged with three counts of unrestricted dogs.
Fairfax Watcher October 23, 2013 at 09:22 AM
GO Animal Control!! The Fairfax County Park Authority(FCPA) is determined to inject what they call an "Off Leash Dog Area" (OLDA) into as many parks as possible. These will allow dogs to run loose in a fenced-in area. Sounds great for the dogs but there is a very large increase in risk that dogs will escape and run free from the fenced-in areas or during the transition from car to/from the area. If you live near one of these OLDA's recommend you keep your cats and children indoors! OLDA's are listed on the FCPA website - FCPA has several new ones in the pipeline. Recommend you complain to FCPA if one of these is too close to your house. FCPA does not appreciate complaints so do not expect a proper attitude from them!


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