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Car Accident Reported on Franconia Road Sunday

Two-car accident blocked intersection Sunday afternoon.

Traffic on Franconia Road moved slowly around a two-vehicle accident Sunday afternoon. FCPD received a report about the accident around 12:30 p.m. and arrived two minutes later.

As a result of the accident, one of the cars appeared to have slammed into the median of the street. The two cars involved in the crash blocked the road and caused minor congestion at the intersection of Franconia Road and Beulah Street, less than a mile from the Franconia District Police Station and the Franconia Volunteer Fire Station, according to FCPD communications.

Units from FCPD and Fairfax County Fire and Rescue arrived on scene to clear the road and permit traffic to pass. According to FCPD, drivers involved in the accident experienced some non-life threatening injuries.

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