Fairfax Homeowners to Pay More in Real Estate Taxes

Taxes are going up for homeowners in Fairfax County with the 2015 budget. Patch file photo.
Taxes are going up for homeowners in Fairfax County with the 2015 budget. Patch file photo.

Homeowners in Fairfax County will see higher tax bills next year, as the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to increase the tax rate to $1.09 for the 2015 fiscal year.

That’s an increase $.005 over the fiscal year 2014 rate of $1.085.

For the average homeowner, that means an increase of about $25 in addition to the $332 “average increase resulting from rising assessment values,” according to the budget mark-up documents.  

In a prepared statement, Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) said, “I am disappointed in the Board’s decision to opt for a tax rate increase over tough cost reductions and a focus on priorities.”

According to the 2015 budget mark-up package: “The good news this year is that real estate values are beginning to rebound. The bad news is that only residential values are rising; business taxes are flat and commercial assessments are a 0.1 percent decrease from fiscal year 2014. 

“Combine this with an increase in our Fairfax County Public School student population; increased needs for human services; and stressed-out County employees who have endured pretty much stagnant compensation for the past five years, and we end up with a pretty challenging budget brew.”

Jake Burke April 23, 2014 at 05:02 PM
Michael, while I agree with you that we should try to vote these tax & spend pols out of office, I fear that there are now to many liberal wackcos here, many who poured in from Maryland, for us to be successful. But, we have to try.
Kim McCoy April 24, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Oh Jim...you sound as if you've never bought or sold a house before. As a little life lesson, most people don't put their house on the market in the winter. Tell me Jim, did you just happen to remember something I posted from 6 months ago or did you go back and read every post I've ever made?...kinda creepy, wouldn't you say? Maybe you had a little "helper" clue you in (you know one of those people who make it a point to catalog individual poster's comments that don't agree with the socialist agenda)(Patch employees, wink, wink!) Either way, my reasons for moving are numerous. However, with your willingness to out yourself as a traitor to the greatest document for personal freedom and liberty that has ever been written by man, I have decide to reflect on whether it is in my country's best interest to cede more ground to people like you by removing my vote from this county (at least until after the November elections!)...so, I'll let you know, ok?...by the way, I called it from the start, didn't I? You are a transplant from New York (by way of your Boston heritage, right?) who left an over-taxed, over-regulated, nanny-state to come here and vote in the same policies that decimated the place you fled.....liberals, buy 'em book, send 'em to school, and still can't teach 'em a thing.
Jim Daniels April 24, 2014 at 12:28 PM
The internet is forever Kim, if you want your views kept secret best not to post them on a public website :)....you are right I am a transplant from New York...I moved away from there when I was 1 year old...then moved from place to place as my father was transferred...finally ended up in a nice blue state in the Midwest! Never lived in Boston...but I was conceived there (was that TMI? :) )Came here for school, found what I liked in beautiful Fairfax County ...as I said top notch standard of living and have been here ever since. Oh...btw yes I have sold houses here in Fairfax County...three times as a matter of fact...once in January...took three days! But now that spring has sprung we can all look forward to standing at the border between here and whichever county you decide to go to...waving you a fond farewell!!! So you aren't going to vote? Great news...usually I encourage people to vote no matter who they vote for...but for you I'll make an exception... Why do you hate America so much Kim?
Kim McCoy April 24, 2014 at 02:32 PM
Jim, I think I said it once in this thread already, but it seems to bear repeating. Reading comprehension is a problem for liberals...in case you missed it, I said "I have decide to reflect on whether it is in my country's best interest to cede more ground to people like you by removing my vote from this county (at least until after the November elections!)"...I will translate into more elementary terms for you. I'm going to VOTE HERE in November. I stand behind ever post I've ever posted here on the Patch, it just seems a little creepy that you (or your cohorts) feel the need to OBFUSCATE so often...how much was it again that you pay in county taxes, Jim?
Jim Daniels April 24, 2014 at 02:49 PM
Oh...well too bad Kim...you speak so obliquely it's not always easy to keep up with you. So you will be voting for the losing side again this November here in Fairfax County...but then you are out of here right? I mean that will make it over a year since your initial promise. Doubts will clearly settle in as to whether or not your were truly serious! Oh yes...I do have an accomplice...he goes by the name of Google!! And my taxes? Well, like any good citizen of this fine county I pay what I owe! BTW, what's the name of the small business you own...maybe I could toss some clients your way... :)


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