Protesters Rally Against Target

Before last night's city council meeting, residents from San Anselmo, Fairfax and San Rafael demonstrated their opposition to opening a Target.

Outside last night, a group of about 40 people rallied against the Target store proposed for the Shoreline Center.

The protesters said the Target would damage small independent business and jobs in the area. 

A community impact report, which the City Council asked for in December, will be released on Wednesday on the city's website. The report will detail the effects the corporate chain store will have on San Rafael and neighboring communities.

Jane Gray May 01, 2011 at 09:07 PM
continued from below comment, jg I remember the woman my age behind Goodwill, with her shopping cart stacked mile high with bags, and asked her her goals in life, blank stare, nothing,, when I suggested Homeward Bound, where I volunteered an Art class , she said "but how will I take all my stuff on the bus to get there?" . I have confronted drunks who wanted my "change for a bus ride", and told them they were younger and stronger than I am, go find a help wanted sign or a program for the homeless. They also get free medical. WE need to know all the facts before we make decisions or vote. I hope I can always SEE what is around me, and who,,,,we need to have a heart but a sound mind to see what we all need here in Marin, not just one segment. jg
Jane Gray May 01, 2011 at 09:31 PM
PS At the council meeting, several anti Target people confronted me, demanding to know WHY? I was for a Target store here. Angry, mean in spirit, so I told them why and walked away. I don't have the time to argue over issues, especially if your mad. I am sensitive to the needs of the smaller proprietors, I HAVE BEEN ONE in my past. I know what it is like to pay the bills, what the general public can be like when your behind a counter, I have served on that side also. We had to sell out our Hardware/feed/ammo/vet supplies /jewelry and gifts store because we did not make enough to buy in large quanity, we were in a rural area, where collecting bills often fell on me to drive around collecting. We saw our "dream business" go to someone who had the money,who used our store location to open a TRUE VALUE store. Times change, people survive, not all of us become wealthy. We need things in perspective in our lives,my friend from Guatamala, may not even know what we are all deciding, she is content to have life with three small children, husband , small Apt and walk most places, she is happy. We are not all here legally,we let the illegals come to Marin just like the rest of America, complacent? Perhaps of what it would entail. But they are here, in numbers, and I for one had a legal grandmother who was part Spanish/Italian. We need to take into account\our God given right is to have FOOD CLOTHING AND SHELTER, anything beyond that is a luxury or toy? May God bless Marin Co. jg
Stewart Ross May 02, 2011 at 12:57 AM
This person is right. San protesters I barely accept but San Anselmo and Faifax. Keep out of our politics. YOU HAVE NOTHING to say. We pay taxes in San Rafael but you don't. Keep out of our business especially those of you in West Berkeley (Fairfax)
Jane Gray May 02, 2011 at 01:13 AM
This may be why I saw not one store keeper from San Rafael that I recognized at the meeting. I was a marketing manager two year's ago and went out to all the local businesses in Marin County,speaking to manager's and owner's ---- they were all hurting TWO years ago!! To say that just now, when a Target comes in to replace the trips to Novato for Target goods there, is going to hurt all the folks in small businesses is false. Some will prosper from it coming in. I spoke to a large Novelty warehouse in the canal area, where I bought my " Welcome (TARGET) baloon's" for the meeting and they said, We are not afraid of a Target, it will not affect us. I believe this, because this man buys all his goods from ,,,,, CHINA, and he is reasonable in prices, and services the Canal, just like a Latino Baby gift shop, with Latino gifts, in spanish. Target does not out do this store,,, it may catch a few on Novelties, but they were headed there to begin with. Did Ikea hurt it's surrounding area? I really doubt it. Fairfax is too busy trying to legalize Pot to worry over us in San Rafael. I just wish they would pay up the thousands in back taxes to the state that they all owe! The smaller shops in Fairfax and San Anselmo are very hard to get your goods into to sell, I know this for a fact also, as an Artist. jg
Stewart Ross May 02, 2011 at 08:50 PM
Why is it, that everytime I sign on in comments, I have to listen to those loud mouth protesters all over again? Fix the site, please.


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