The Fix to Route 286: Solutions to Fairfax County Parkway Problems

By Supervisor Pat Herrity

We have had some successes in improving parts of the Parkway (completing the full Parkway repaving, the Fair Lakes Interchange project, and converting the Parkway to a primary road), but even with these improvements, the Parkway is experiencing significant congestion.

In order to get in front of the problem and before we wake up and find the Parkway as congested as I-66, I have asked the Board of Supervisors at today’s meeting to request the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) conduct a Corridor Improvement Study (CIS).

A CIS will provide a comprehensive look at what improvements need to be made to the Parkway in order to keep up with increased use.  The study will outline short and long term solutions, examine various methods for increasing capacity such as grade separated interchanges, adding a third lane, analyzing the feasibility of HOT and HOV lanes, and calculate which solutions will provide the greatest congestion relief.

This study is the next step in getting out in front of the problem of congestion on the Parkway. At the Parkway Visioning Town Hall Meeting I hosted last October I heard from many residents about what they thought the future of the Parkway should look like, this was a great first step. With a Corridor Improvement Study we can gauge realistic options for congestion relief.”

Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton and local VDOT leaders like former District Director Garrett Moore have been instrumental in the Parkway improvements we have seen over the past few years. With their help and commitment we can ensure the Parkway keeps people moving.


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