Saving Monty

Sweet Monty was saved by a local teen from life on the streets and is looking for his new family

Monty is the true definition of a love bug. He’s a sweet, affectionate and playful pit-mix who just wants to be loved and be part of a family. He’s a handsome boy who’s only a year old and weighs in at about 60 pounds. His body is still playing catch-up with his big, blocky head, and he has a big, warm bully smile that lights up when he sees you. 

Monty’s story is one that demonstrates the best and worst in people. He was found running free in an abandoned parking lot near a major highway by Lauren Bradford, a Good Samaritan and local senior at Fairfax High School. Lauren’s parents were away for the weekend, and she took it upon herself to take this sweet pup in, canvass the local neighborhoods and post flyers and ads on Craigslist in hopes of finding Monty’s family.  

When Lauren’s parents returned home, they supported their daughter’s act of kindness, and started reaching out to friends and family to help find Monty a new home. Their house was already full, with three kids and two senior dogs with health issues, but they wanted to do right by this sweet dog who had quickly captured the family’s heart.

They soon came to realize that finding a home for black pit pup like Monty is no easy task. In shelters and rescues, black dogs are typically the slowest to be adopted, and when you factor in the prejudice surrounding pit bull-type pups, it’s that much harder. Even their calls to numerous dog rescue groups initially fell on deaf ears.

A few days later, they received a call from Monty’s owner who saw one of Lauren’s flyers. She said she was having “boyfriend issues” and suggested they take him to the local shelter.

Stunned by her response and lack of concern for her own dog, the Bradfords stayed committed to Monty, determined to find a solution. After reading they reached out to us for help. Mutts Matter receives calls like this every day, and we’re unable to help every dog, but we respected the Bradfords’ commitment to Monty and their willingness to continue to provide a safe place for him while we found a good foster home.

When we picked up Monty to take him to his new foster family, it was immediately clear that he was an exceptionally sweet dog, and very calm for a young pup. Most dogs at his age are bouncing off the walls if they aren’t fresh off of a long walk, but Monty greeted us warmly and behaved very well from the get-go.

We took him for a long walk, and he walked well on the leash with very little pulling. When we stopped on a grassy hill to take a few glamour shots, silly Monty flipped on his back and slid all the way down like a seal on a water slide, enjoying the pure pleasure in the freedom of the outdoors. He is such a loving, good-natured dog, and as we drove to his foster home, he laid his head on my lap, so content just to be close to someone.

Like any young pup, Monty is still a work in progress and learning the rules of home life. He has been known to jump up on counters and likes to chew things, so he will need to be monitored initially and given some durable toys to chew on while he progresses through adolescence to adulthood.

Even though he is relatively calm for his age, he does still have puppy energy and will need regular exercise, stimulation and playtime to stay healthy and balanced. Monty is already crate-trained, and knows his basic commands. He will do almost anything for a treat, and gently takes them from your hand when offered.  

Monty's favorite thing is to be around his people. He did well in the Bradford home with three active kids and a steady stream of visitors, and he greets new people with ease and a friendly tail wiggle. He also likes other dogs, and would do well paired with a playful, balanced pup who will not take advantage of his more submissive nature, or as an only dog in a family that has quality time to spend with him.

A special Thank You to Lauren and the Bradford family for doing right by Monty and stepping up for a pup in need. They have made a difference in his life and it’s because of their compassion and willingness to help that Monty will find a great home and family who loves him. 

To learn more about Monty, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com

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Tierney September 06, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Blessings to Lauren and her family for giving Monty a chance in this life. I have two dogs and I just can't fathom how people can be so careless about a dog. There is simply no better love than the unconditional love and loyalty they give. Dogs are the best people I know.
Randy Rawson September 06, 2012 at 02:21 PM
There is a special place in Heaven for folks like Lauren Bradford. Her parents should be very proud.
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